Patsy Allan Storyteller

Creative storytelling using props puppets and participation

December 2015

What comes to me when I think of JOY and why do I feel that I want to live experiencing JOY in each and every day?

Does it mean that I want to be a “Pollyanna” or does it mean that a life lived with joy is an amazing one?

Sitting on the deck looking out at the sky
The stillness is broken by a bird's loud cry
The sunflowers peeping over the fence
And suddenly an overpowering sense
Of joy and jubilation of what needs to be done

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Enrolments are being taken for 2016 for parents with children from 0- 18months at Kippax Uniting in the A.C.T.

What is Rock, Rhythm and Roll?

This is one of the rhymes that will be in my new rhyme book

Try it out on some children and let me know if they like it.


We are all natural storytellers.  Everything that happens to us in our lives is filed at the back of our minds in containers called stories.

Long ago, before there was TV, radio, newspapers, or even books, people got their news and entertainment from storytellers.

A magic quilt evolved one day
From scraps of material along the way
Each square a memory of someone somewhere
of something about which they care
Having a conversation with a friend one day about storytelling and what it means to us and to our listeners I wrote the following.