Patsy Allan Storyteller

Creative storytelling using props puppets and participation

January 2016

I decided to at least start to do some work in the garden this morning.  Bad call, as I was trimming a bush, a bee did not want to share its branch so it did what bees do sometimes, it stung me.

I was standing outside the swimming pool waiting for the pool to open at 5.30 this morning, chatting with a group of friends.  I was asked if I was back storytelling yet, and the talk became centred around that.

I originally wanted this square on the quilt, so I could tell my picture book story, "Tessa the Runaway Teapot"

The square has been chosen by many people and such interesting stories have been told.

The start of a new year, what do I want from this blog?  I guess to encourage stories and storytelling by anyone connected to children in their early impressive years from 0-7 and for me to start writing more.

This video comes from my DVD "The Wonder and Joy of Storytelling to Young Children.