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Stories from the Quilt

I thought it time to add to my blog

I originally wanted this square on the quilt, so I could tell my picture book story, "Tessa the Runaway Teapot"

The square has been chosen by many people and such interesting stories have been told.

A magic quilt evolved one day
From scraps of material along the way
Each square a memory of someone somewhere
of something about which they care
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Sam was the eldest boy of four children and always had to battle for attention.

This beautiful storytelling quilt was made for me by a wonderful lady called Heidi.

As I look at this square, the magpie looks out at me. It is made from material from my wedding dress and my husband's suit. The stories I could tell from this. There is the magpie story told to me by my mother or the one about our unusual honeymoon where everything seemed to go wrong.