Patsy Allan is a dynamic storyteller willing to conduct creative storytelling workshops and storytelling sessions to people of all ages. Built from over twenty-five years of experience, Patsy brings a lively touch to her storytelling that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of every listener of any age.

Her stories are a delightful blend of interactive folktales, modern stories and stories from her past. She enthusiastically uses props, puppets and participation in her storytelling and loves watching the delighted faces of adults and children as she weaves her tales. Each program is designed specifically for her audience, inviting the listeners to help tell the story and experience the delight of communicating together.

Her “Memories” sessions with children and adults enable links between the present and the past with much fun and laughter from the participants when remembering their stories.

She is a regular teller in schools, preschools, childcare centers.

Patsy has combined her love of story and her puppets to create two books in “Patsy’s Puppet People Series.” The Boy who Loved drums” and “Tessa the Runaway Teapot”.

The Boy who Loved Drums

Patsy is an accredited member of ACT Storytellers Guild, past Manager of Belconnen Town Centre Library and is currently based in Canberra, Australia. She is also a trained Parent/Child Mother Goose teacher which involves teaching nursery rhymes to parents and their young children.

Patsy says that she is a storyteller, a puppet-teller, a story reader and an encourager of story.

Her home is filled with simply made, yet amazing props and puppets.

When asked about her storytelling Patsy says,

“I am unique, there is no one like me and no one tells stories like me, other storytellers do the same thing adding their own personalities and telling the same stories but each one of us are different and add our own “magic” to the story.

I tell to encourage and entertain, I love the story and I love the audiences. I love helping others to tell and to share their stories.

As I tell to each group of children or adults, whether to one child or to a room full of adults and children, I realize that each story is so special for that moment in time, and that moment could be the moment that changes or inspires someone for the rest of their lives. Every story counts, so I try to make each story a positive creative experience in the minds of the listeners.

Audience: Childcare /preschool, Kindergarten, Primary School, Special needs children, Mixed family.
Phone: 02 6254 1687
Workshops: All ages.