I decided to at least start to do some work in the garden this morning. Bad call, as I was trimming a bush, a bee did not want to share its branch so it did what bees do sometimes, it stung me. It stopped me continuing with the gardening as I had to administer some first aid.

I began to think about stories and rhymes about bees that the children love.

There is one by Margaret Reid Macdonald about the Bear and the bees which I teach to parents at Rock Rythm and Roll. it is such fun and there are many laughs as we sing the little song and do the actions. I teach it because I know how much the children love it in the childcare centers. So it is a good one for the parents to know

There is also one by Sierra, Judy. “The Goat in the Turnip Field.” The Flannel Board Storytelling Book. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1997. 159-160. All the animals tried to get the goat out of the turnip field and ended up being tossed in the air, the last to try was the bee and it stung the goat on the tail and the goat ran away.

Of course there are many rhymes about bees that are very popular for example:
Here is the beehive, where are the bees.
I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee are two that come to mind.

So while I was having my coffee I felt inspired enough to write my own and add it to my collection of rhymes.

Out in the garden at the break of day
A little yellow bee came my way
It didn’t like me cutting its branch
So it stung me on the arm and I said, “Ouch”
I ran inside and pulled out the string
And rubbed some cream on that little red ring

So take the opportunity and make up rhymes and stories to tell your children about the everyday occurrence.
Soon the kids will be making up stories and telling them to you.

And so stories and storytelling continue to flourish.

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