From down below the rich brown earth, a sunflower seed finally giving birth

Slowly emerging two leaves then four, pushing their way as if through a door

Climbing, climbing, leaves and long stalk, reaching for the sun to smile and to talk

Stately it seems as upward it grows, surpassing all others in their long rows

A bud appears so big and round, all the details so very sound

Watching, waiting for the flower to appear, a source of joy for those who stand near

A flash of yellow can be seen from afar, growing bigger and bigger like a star

Opening its petals for all to see, platter like leaves dancing merrily

Birds bursting into song, pecking  at the flowers all day long

Scattering the seeds everywhere, so more will grow in the following year

Such joy, delight and hope to everyone, gazing at the flower reaching for the sun

Feeling the power that comes from above, of peace and joy and hope and love

My house and garden are such a delight, covered with sunflowers, oh so bright

Encouraging me to live with a smile on my face, as each day I walk in the sunflower’s grace

The sunflower making our world a brighter place,  for everyone in the human race

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