I have just come back from a wonderful storytelling festival, meeting old friends and making new ones. Many different messages from the workshops gave me much room to think about our uniqueness, our different abilities and how sometimes instead of dreaming about something happening, make it happen yourself.

For the last four years I wanted to meet on a regular basis with other people who love early childhood storytellling, working with puppets, props and music. My house is filled with wonderful puppets and props and I want to share my experiences, learn new stories, have lots of fun doing this with others while I still have the JOY in my heart to do this.

So if you are interested in a regular fun group to laugh sing and play as you develop stories and rhymes to share in early childhood schools, Preschool’s, childcare centers or with your own children.

Join me at my home in Page ACT on Sunday 1st July from 2-4 or Wednesday 27th June from 7-9. Message or email me([email protected])me for more information if you would like to be part of either group. Perhaps people from outside the ACT might like to form a group on Skype?

Laugh, sing, create and play with stories and rhymes

Please share with friends who might be interested as well

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