A magic quilt evolved one day
From scraps of material along the way
Each square a memory of someone somewhere
of something about which they care
Shaped into many stories to be told
From people who are young or old
Sixteen squares with many themes
Of stories way beyond our dreams
The square is chosen
The idea frozen
In time

The stories come from everywhere
Some to laugh at, some to scare
The same square chosen the stories unfold
Each of them different as they are told
Our imaginations soar to realms on high
Many legends from the sea and the sky
From countries far and wide we hear
Differences which appear

As each person finds a picture so fine
For them to dream up a story line
Or something from the past they do impart
A fun time or a broken heart
Join with me now and let the stories begin
Pick a square, what story lies within
Close your eyes and think on the square
Let the story come from anywhere
Whether it be false or true
It can then be told to us from you
We will sit and listen as we gather around
The wonderful quilt without a sound
This moment enriched with stories from us all
Whether they be true or ever so tall
Our imaginations in full flight
As we hear all the stories day or night.

I look at the magpie from the square at the top
So many stories are there, will they ever stop,
I think about my honeymoon and the things that went wrong
The magpie of my Gran’s that used to sing a song
The knocked over oil cans or the little things gone missing,
The long journey we took with not much kissing
Who would have thought that so much could happen that was not so fine
and my mum’s toes being pecked in another time
O what stories we have stored in our minds
Which need to be shared before we find
They will be gone forever and what a loss that would be
For the tales not to be set free
For our kin and folks everywhere

Not to hear stories of flight or fantasy

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