Patsy is trained as a teacher for this program and facilitates a program called Rock, Rhythm and Roll: a parent-child mother goose program® for UnitingCare Kippax.

The classes are attended by small groups of parents and their babies, toddlers and pre-school children to learn finger rhymes, action poems, stories and songs.
Every session ends with a story told to the parents, so they too can experience the benefits and wonder of immersion in oral language.
The classes allow parents to observe their children and other’s behaviour, learn about early childhood development, expectations and responses, as well as bond through the language program.

By the end of the ten weeks the parents will have learnt a “toolkit” of rhymes, finger plays and songs that they can use to distract, entertain or comfort their babies as the need arises.

Below are parents comments after attending the ten week Rock Rhythm and Roll program.

Enjoying a session at a Parent/Child Program of Rock Rhythm and Roll

  • It’s an excellent opportunity to learn new songs to share with your baby, meet other parents, and have a very good and relaxing time. Lot ‘s of fun. I would recommend it to every new parent. A delightful experience! ..Flavia..
  • As both a mother and psychologist, I would strongly recommend the program to all parents. The program is inclusive and offers a relaxed opportunity for social connection between parents and between their children. The rhymes and songs are fun and light-hearted; however they also represent a wonderful tool for developing parent-child bonding. In our materialistic society, it is wonderful to see that all you really need to stimulate distract, entertain and soothe are your own voice, eye contact, gestures and touch. I was really amazed at the effect rhyme/song could have across the whole group…Belinda..

How can you register for this fun, interactive program?

UnitingCare Kippax offers Rock Rhythm and Roll : Parent-Child Mother Goose® programs throughout the year when funds become available. There is an on-going registration for these programs.

Other organisations who are interested in facilitating The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® should contact Patsy for more information.

Patsy Allan -02 6254 1687 Email me

For more information on this program, please visit the Australian website for the Parent-Child mother goose program.