I was standing outside the swimming pool waiting for the pool to open at 5.30 this morning, chatting with a group of friends. I was asked if I was back storytelling yet, and the talk became centred around that. One of the ladies said that she was looking after her grandchildren the other day and she made up a story about the sewing machine monster eating all the reels of cotton. When asked if they enjoyed the story, she said that they loved it and seemed to be spellbound as she told it. Everyone encouraged her to write it down. Unfortunately the door of the pool opened at that stage and we all surged in and I couldn’t find out more.

I was too scared to make up stories for my children because I thought the stories would not be good enough, although I read countless books to them. I have found in the Childcare centres where I am hired as a storyteller, I tell folk stories and those that I have learned, however when I make up a story on the spot or tell one of my own stories the children love it.

My husband used to read through a story and tell the basics to the children at the YMCA camps and the children just loved his stories. I used to be so envious of him as it took me so long to get a story into my head.

My thought for today is to have a go, tell a story today to anyone who will listen and continue to tell them throughout the week.

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