The Wonder and Joy of Storytelling to Young Children

A DVD for Parents, Carers, Childcare workers, Preschool Teachers and most of all for children, by — Patsy Allan

Patsy Allan, a committed early childhood storyteller/author and workshop facilitator, presents a highly watchable DVD on the fun and enjoyment all can have when storytelling to young children. This inspirational and joyful DVD includes a story time for young children, ideas for creating props, puppets and felt boards, tips on storytelling techniques, the importance of storytelling and singing to young children, and a list of resources for future use. Patsy’s original stories (The Boy who Loved Drums, Tessa the Runaway Teapot) and rhymes (Five Drums, Here is a teapot, Dance away Fairies, Five Little Fairies, Fishing in the Lake and At the Seaside) are used for the Story time and Magical Rhyme section.

Patsy Allan’s DVD on Storytelling to Young Children

Patsy Allan’s iBook, The Fairies: two fairy rhymes

The Fairies, by Patsy Allan

Available as an iBook from iBook store for $4.99 and can only be viewed on an iPad
The ibook features two illustrated rhymes about fairies: Dance away Fairies and Five Little Fairies.