This is one of my poems from my new publication

“Playing with Rhymes”

Watch the video on YouTube

The Jack in the box it’s easy to see

Doesn’t live in a house like you or me

He lives in a box with a lid on the top

If you open the lid out he will pop

Now sit very still as quiet as a mouse

And watch him come out of his little house

Slowly, slowly lift up the top

The Jack in the box comes out with a pop

Jack dances here and he dances there

And then he jumps up in the air

He turns to the left and then to the right

And dances again with all his might

Jack jumps up into the sky

Jumping, jumping ever so high

Down he comes onto the ground

Sits on his box and looks all around

Its time to say hello to Jack

He’s done very well, lets give him a clap

Clap and then talk to Jack

The Jack in the box jumps up, up, up

The jack in the box jumps down, down, down

The jack in the box flops into his house

Without making a sound

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