I thought it time to add to my blog

This time I have chosen the ‘Swiss’ square
This square reminds me of my beautiful Swiss neighbour Heidi who made the quilt.
On my one short overseas trip, I rode a cablecar to the top of Mt Titlis.
So breathtakingly beautiful. The snow, the clouds, tiny specks down in the valley and the sounds.

One particular sound was intriguing. I could not tell what it was.
The sound came from all over the valley. Later I found out that it was the sound of cow bells.
Someone told us, whether it is true or not, that each calf is given a bell when it is born and when it is fertile
it is given another bell and the farmer knows each cow by the sound of their bells.

When I look at his square, I love to tell a folktale from Switzerland, ‘The Cow in the House’.
In this story, a woman tries to make noodles and has some difficulty on her small table in her extremely small kitchen.
She complains that her house is too small and that she wants a bigger house.
They could not afford a bigger house so the man seeks help from the wiseman of the village resulting in a noisy
and overcrowded house. Finally the solution is found and all is peaceful once again.

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