What comes to me when I think of JOY and why do I feel that I want to live experiencing JOY in each and every day?

Does it mean that I want to be a “Pollyanna” or does it mean that a life lived with joy is an amazing one?

Is it the quite joy that fills my whole being as I walk through life or the sudden surprises that exhilarate me and I feel all is well?

Or is it the joy felt as I work in the garden when I feel the love of the earth and the wonder and experience of watching flowers and vegetables grow and the beauty of it all. Those moments when looking at a rose, a sunset, the ocean peaceful and savage.

There are many ways I experience joy:

  • Fills my heart when sharing stories and songs with children and adults.
  • In finding some connection with a stranger or a friend.
  • In hard situations when all seems like falling in on you the ability to still feel joy in the peace as you deal with each situation?
  • As you experience the love of God in the day-to-day experiences, joining with others to sing His praises and feeling such a divine connection.
  • In just being alive in the moment and living for that moment until the next moment comes.
  • In watching others develop and grow doing things they never believed they could do or would be allowed to do.
  • Experiencing joy as perhaps a child might do and allowing your feelings to show and not be embarrassed by them.
  • Feeling the joyous presence of loved ones even though are no longer living on earth.
  • Watching little babies as they grow and experience new things and delight in each new experience.
  • In my journey as I look at things I wrote down in a journal and never believed would happen and now they have:
    • A trip overseas; Writing and publishing two books; Making a DVD on storytelling;
    • Knowing I am a good storyteller and not striving to be someone else;
    • A general sense of feeling good about my life and myself even though hard events have happened.
  • That flows through me as I think about my children and my grandchildren as my love reaches out to them in the stillness of the night knowing they are living their lives and having their own dreams and visions.

One of my dreams now is to start a foundation “Giving Joy through Story”, telling my own story and enabling others to share their story or giving others the opportunity to strengthen their own storytelling abilities.

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