Why have a storyteller?

  • Children still need the personal face-to-face storytelling along with all the other modern devices today.
  • They need you. They need the stories.
  • They need to participate in the stories.
  • They need to share in the joy and love for story communicated by you.
  • They love to hear your original stories and they love yo to listen to their stories.
  • They feel important and they bond with
  • you because you care.

Patsy engaging her audience in the story

Having a storyteller come to your school, preschool or child care centre give the children opportunities to hear stories being told in as many ways as possible.


  • Children can experience another person telling stories
  • Fun packed program of stories encouraging participation by children
  • Reinforcement of your programs and teaching strategies
  • Enthusiasm and encouragement of story in the curriculum with a “Storyteller in Residence program”
  • They love to hear your original stories and they love you


  • Creates a warm social relationship between the teller and the listener
  • Improves listening comprehension, a vital pre-reading skill for children
  • Has been the best tool for passing on the values and morals of families and peoples for centuries
  • Increases our understanding and awareness of our world’s diverse cultures
  • Develops our mental imaging ability, another skill necessary for reading comprehension