Patsy Allan’s workshops are interactive, lively, fun-filled using props, puppets and participation to make storytelling come alive. Patsy has been a workshop leader for over twenty-five years and her experience and ongoing work with children from 0-7 make her workshops accessible and practical as well as entertaining, fun and educational.

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  1. The Wonder and Joy of Storytelling to Young Children: a Workshop for Librarians, Teachers, Childcare Workers and Parents.

    This workshop is based on the DVD of the same name created in 2013 by Patsy.

    If you have a young child aged between 0 and 7, or a career in Early Childhood Education and are interested in developing your storytelling skills using props, puppets and participation this workshop is for you.

    Patsy will demonstrate lots of fun ideas to spark your creativity when working with groups of young children or with your own children.

    Patsy has been working with young children and parents for over 30 years now, and is especially passionate about using group times to engage, enthrall, and enhance children’s learning. Patsy is currently working in Child Care centres, in Preschools and Kindergartens as a storyteller and also with groups of parents and their children (Rock, Rhythm and Roll: a Parent Child Mother Goose Program ®) teaching the parents rhymes and stories to use with children from 0-2 and 2-4.

    In the workshop Patsy will use some of her own stories and suggest follow up activities to use with the children.

    Participants will gain new ideas for props and puppets and ways of presenting them to young children as well as practical tips on storytelling techniques and a short bibliography on useful web sites and books. The DVD, The Wonder and Joy of Storytelling to Young Children, will be available for purchase at the workshop for $25.00


    Patsy Tales DVD

    Felt Board Creations from Patsy Allan’s new DVD

  2. “Stories from the Quilt” Workshops.

    This year I will be facilitating workshops on “Stories from the Quilt” in my home or in your organisation.

    Please contact me if you are interested in attending one or having one at your organisation.

    From the workshops participants will be inspired to choose an image from the quilt and write their own story to share with the group.

    It will be a time of fun and inspiration sharing stories and working together ( in small groups and alone and coming up with a story to share to group and take home to complete or edit.

    Participants will take away the beginnings or a complete story from their chosen square

  3. Memories Workshop.

    From the table of memories, stories are formed. All participants will have a story to tell…a memory will be triggered… a story will be formed.

    Items from the past help us to tell the stories.

    Memories Storytelling Workshop

  4. Puppets and the Storyteller.

    Puppets and Props for Rumpelstiltskin

    An interactive workshop for early childhood educators, librarians and parents and anyone who would like to use puppets to engage their listeners in stories, rhymes and songs. Patsy uses puppets to enhance the story or song not to perform puppet shows.

    Participants of this workshop can expect to:

    1. Be introduced to the possibilities of puppets as a tool to enrich and enliven a story performance.
    2. Observe puppet/teller interaction in the performance of the story.
    3. Develop a puppet’s personality and voice that conveys what the teller wants the audience to know about the puppet.
    4. Practice basic hand movements to give lifelike movement to the puppet.
    5. Discuss what stories might have puppet possibilities.
    6. Become aware of online and print resources available on the topic of storytelling with puppets.
    7. Become aware of difference between ‘Puppet telling’ and putting on a puppet show, especially when advertising a story session.
    8. Be given the opportunity to practice with puppets and take away at least one story or song to use in the following week.
  5. Fun with Nursery Rhymes.

    This two hour workshop will be a group experience for parents, teachers, childcare workers to focus on the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs and stories together giving children healthy early experiences with language and communication.

    This highly participatory workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn and practice new and old nursery rhymes using different methods of presentation with children from 0-5.

    Bring along a favourite nursery rhyme or finger play that works for you to share with the group.

  6. Other examples of Patsy’s workshops are:

    1. Storytelling and story reading basics: a fun interactive workshop for those who wish to share stories.
    2. Using props in storytelling: a show and tell workshop about the different props we can find and use with stories and songs.
    3. Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales: introducing new and old rhymes and tales in an imaginative way.
    4. Magic of storytelling: use of participation in our stories and songs.
    5. Parents and storytelling: use of rhymes and stories with the under five.
    6. Storytelling to the under fives for storytellers and child care workers.

    Prop for Moon is Round